Religious operations Management

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This course allows participants to learn more about the best practices of managing a Christian organization in recent times. This program will enable you to explore different situations, which will help you, as a leader, to appreciate better the readiness of your organization to survive in the disruptive events preceding the return of Christ.

Designed specifically for senior Christian leaders, this insightful course will test your readiness to change and adapt to a technology-dominated environment versus a traditional view of church service.

This executive course is based on biblical revelations and also the latest industry thinking in operations management

Who should attend?
  • Presidents of regional religious organizations
  • Directors of Christian Institutions
  • Directors of Religious Organization
  • Senior pastors
  • Etc.
Educational goals
  • Understand the role of the Christian leader in a modern digital and digital-dominated environment
  • Understand how to better ensure the continuity of ecclesial activities in the face of the disruptive events preceding the return of Jesus
  • Understand the importance of planning and anticipation
  • Understand how new technologies and new business models disrupt church operations.
  • Know the approaches, methods and techniques for effectively leading a Christian organization.
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  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • Canada

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