Change management: Promoting team adaptability


August 26, 2024




Managers, senior executives, supervisors, HR managers, transformation project managers, executive committee members


This training workshop is designed to help managers develop the skills and practical approaches needed to support their teams in the effective adoption of change within the company.

PART I: Theoretical training

Duration: 2 hours

PART II: Action learning session 

Duration: 1h30 

Teaching methods :
  • Interactive workshops and case studies
  • Group discussions and brainstorming sessions
    Use of visual aids and digital resources
PART I: Theoretical training

Duration: 2 hours

Training modules :

  • Understanding the Nature of Change
  • Types of corporate change (organizational, technological, cultural, etc.)
    Phases of change and typical employee reactions
    Importance of vision and communication in the change process
  • Leadership and Change Management
    The leader’s role in change
    Leadership styles and their impact on change
    Techniques for inspiring and motivating teams
  • Effective communication
    Communication strategies to explain change
    Managing employee expectations and concerns
    Techniques for receiving and integrating feedback
  • Managing Resistance
    Identifying and understanding sources of resistance
    Strategies for overcoming resistance to change (Action Learning)
    Creating an environment of trust and support
  • Change Management Tools and Methods
    Introduction to change management models (ADKAR, Kotter, etc.)
    Use of dashboards and monitoring indicators
    Planning and implementing a change plan
PART II: Action learning session

Duration: 1h30

This session will enable participants to identify and discuss specific problems linked to the behavior of their team members in the face of ongoing change. Through a structured approach, participants will be led to find practical solutions that they can test in the workplace.


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