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Our services quality makes us a leading Canadian consulting agency and ISO implementation company. Additionally, we provide training services in IT, executive leadership, and management. We have proven expertise in each of our practice areas. That is supported by the thousands of individuals and companies we helped achieve the professional certification and recognition they desired for success in their career and business growth.


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Today’s leaders must do more than just get the job done. In fact, they need to inspire their team to “want to get the job done!”. Our services aim to reflect that idea.

For that reason, we designed our executive programs to develop your natural leadership. As a result, our graduated become affluent individuals in business and other areas of your life.

Our courses are flexible and suitable for every level in the organizational chart. Certainly, we make sure each participant is challenged to reach their potential.

Indeed, our flexible course delivery options namely online, live online, and on-site, provide you with the option to learn at your convenience. Surely, you can get started today!

The Way Towards Your Goal

” I am delighted to give my opinion on the Lead Auditor Training, because it has taught me a lot. More explicitly, the expertise  of the trainer, the discussions I greatly appreciated, his availability, and the quality of his answers. I intend to get back in touch with this firm for other training sessions when needed. In any case, I recommend FormaTour  Incorporated. “

Annie Yédé INDATH
Responsable QHSE – Domaine Telecom

” I was lucky to have a seasoned trainer  with Formatour Inc. Definitely satisfied because the discussions were very enriching. I want to go further with this PECB Lead auditor training. I am satisfied. “

Jean-Claude KOUASSI
Chef de Service Qualité à la Lonaci

” I would like to thank Formatour for this very enriching training, punctuated by case studies. Also, the trainer’s broad experience  enabled us to have the tools to implement these skills in our various companies. I recommend the training to anyone who wants to participate because it is of high quality. “

Estelle ANOMAN
Responsable Qualité – Bridge Bank

” The FormaTour trainer was up to the task. I’m leaving very satisfied, and it was a great pleasure for me to have taken part in this training. “



Unquestionably, we have proven expertise in each of our practice areas. That is why we are with you in every step of the way. During the whole process, from the audit of your business processes to their optimization. See our consulting services in detail.

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Considering the challenging business environment, organizations and professionals undeniably need proof of their capabilities and expertise. With that in mind, our ITIL® courses as well as our certifications in IT,  ISO and more will give you the confidence and advantage needed to start their activities.

Subject maters​

Personnel & System Certification

We partnered with reputable companies in order to deliver the best training courses in the industry.

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