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ISO/IEC 27034 Lead Implementer Course (5 Days)

$2,350.00 Class Price

Duration: 5 Days
Level: Master
Start Date: May-04-2020
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Brampton
Address: 45 Coventry Rd, Brampton, ON L6T 4V7

This five-day intensive course enables participants to develop the necessary expertise to audit an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and to manage a team of auditors by applying widely recognized audit principles, procedures and techniques. During this training, the participant will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to proficiently plan and perform internal and external audits in compliance with ISO 19011 the certification process according to ISO 17011.Based on practical exercises, the participant will develop the skills (mastering audit techniques) and competencies (managing audit teams and audit program, communicating with customers, conflict resolution, etc.) necessary to efficiently conduct an audit.


Mastering the implementation of application security (as) processes, activities & security techniques across the organization based on the International Standard ISO/IEC 27034 – Application Security

This five-day intensive course enables the participants to understand specific principles and concepts proposed by ISO/IEC 27034 for AS and understand how they can be implemented, step by step, to help organizations to develop, acquire, implement, use, and maintain trustworthy applications, according to their specific business context, at an acceptable cost. More specifically, the ISO/IEC 27034 framework proposes components and processes to provide verifiable evidences that an application have reached and maintained a targeted level of trust as specified by the organization. The responsibility of a Certified ISO/IEC 27034 Application Security Lead Implementer is to assist organizations to put in place required 27034 framework elements and guide the organization to integrate Application Security Controls (ASC) seamlessly throughout the life cycle of their applications. AS applies not only to the software of an application but also to its other components and contributing factors that impact its security, such as its technological context, its regulatory context, its business context, its specifications, the sensitivity of its data, and the processes and actors supporting its entire life cycle.
Who should attend?

Managers, such as information security managers, project managers, administrators, software development managers, application owners and line managers, who wish to:

Balance the cost of implementing and maintaining AS against the risks and value it represents for the organization
Prepare and to support an organization in the implementation of an AS project

Provisioning and operation teams such as architects, analysts, programmers, testers, system administrators, DBA, network administrators, and technical personnel, who wish to:

Minimize the impact of introducing ASC into organizations’ existing processes, such as design, development, test, deployment, operation, archival and destruction
Understand which controls should be applied at each stage of an application’s life cycle and witch one should be implemented inside the application itself

Acquirers and Suppliers who wish to:

Prepare/comply to requests for proposals that include requirements for ASC and Level of Trust

Auditors who wish to:

Fully understand the AS processes involves in the ISO/IEC 27034

Learning objectives

To understand the implementation of AS in accordance with ISO/IEC 27034
To gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, approaches, standards, methods and techniques required for the effective management of AS
To understand the relationship between the components of an AS including risk management, controls and compliance with the requirements of different stakeholders of the organization
To acquire necessary expertise to support an organization in implementing, managing and maintaining an AS as specified in ISO/IEC 27034
To acquire necessary expertise to manage a team implementing ISO/IEC 27034
To develop knowledge and skills required to advise organizations on best practices in the management of AS
To improve the capacity for analysis and decision making in the context of AS

Course agenda
Day 1: Introduction: AS overview and concepts as proposed by ISO/IEC 27034

Introduction to ISO/IEC 27034 AS and its global vision
Fundamental principles in Information Security
Overview, concepts, principles, definitions, scope, components, processes and actors involved in AS
Embedded implicit concepts
Presentation of the 27034 series: ISO/IEC 27034-1, ISO/IEC 27034-2, ISO/IEC 27034-3, ISO/IEC 27034-4, ISO/IEC 27034-5, ISO/IEC 27034-5-1, ISO/IEC 27034-6.

Day 2: Implementation of AS based on ISO/IEC 27034

Security into application project
The Application Security Management Process
Provisioning and operating an application
Maintaining the Actual Level of Trust on the Targeted Level of Trust
Development of AS validation

Day 3: Implementation of AS based on ISO/IEC 27034 (cont.)

AS at the organization level

Goals of AS for an organization
The Organization Normative Framework (ONF)
The ONF committee
The ONF Management process
Integration of ISO/IEC 27034 elements into the organization’s existing processes
Design, validation, implementation, verification, operation and evolution of ASCs
The ASC libraries
The AS Traceability matrix
Drafting the certification process

Security guidance for specific organizations and applications

Cases Study,

27034 implementation examples for small and large organizations
How 27034 can help to resolve conflicting regulations requirements for an application
Developing ASCs
Acquiring ASCs

Day 4: AS validation and certification

The purpose of internal AS audit
Minimize the cost of an audit
Be sure you have all expected evidences ready
Overview of the AS validation and certification process under 27034.
How to help an organization to be certified
How to help an application project to be certified

Protocols and ASC data structure based on ISO/IEC 27034

An free formal languages for ASC communication
ISO/27034 proposed XML schemas,
data structure, descriptions, graphical representation

ISO/IEC 27034 AS final review
Day 5: Certification Exam
ISO 27034 Foundation Certification or a basic knowledge of ISO 27034 is recommended

Educational approach

This training is based on both theory and practice:

Sessions of lectures illustrated with examples based on real cases
Practical exercises based on a full case study including role playing and oral presentations
Review exercises to assist the exam preparation
Practice test similar to the certification exam
To benefit from the practical exercises, the number of training participants is limited

To benefit from the practical exercises, the number of training participants is limited

Examination and Certification

The “Certified ISO/IEC 27034 Lead Implementer” exam fully meets the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Program (ECP). The exam covers the following competence domains:

Domain 1: Fundamental concepts and principles in application security
Domain 2: Application Security Control (ASC) and others best practice in AS
Domain 3: Preparation of an AS project based on ISO/IEC 27034
Domain 4: Implementing an AS project based on ISO/IEC 27034
Domain 5: Performance evaluation, monitoring and measurement of an AS project based on ISO/IEC 27034
Domain 6: Continual improvement of an AS project based on ISO/IEC 27034
Domain 7: Preparing an application project or an organization for an ISO/IEC 27034 certification audit

The “Certified ISO/IEC 27034 Application Security Lead Implementer” exam is available in different languages, including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Duration: 3 hours

For more information about the exam, refer to PECB section on ISO 27034 Lead Implementer Exam at

After successfully completing the exam, participants can apply for the credentials of Certified ISO/IEC 27034 Application Security Provisional Implementer, Certified ISO/IEC 27034 Application Security Implementer or Certified ISO/IEC 27034 Application Security Lead Implementer, depending on their level of experience

A certificate will be issued to participants who successfully pass the exam and comply with all the other requirements related to the selected credential:

General Information

Certification fees are included in the exam price
Participant manual contains over 350 pages of information and practical examples
A participation certificate of 31 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits will be issued to participants
In case of failure of the exam, participants are allowed to retake it for free under certain conditions
Participants should have access to a legal copy of the International Standard ISO/IEC 27034 Information technology — Security techniques — Application security — Part 1: Overview and concepts, in class for consultation.

Duration: 5 Days  Start Date: May 04, 2020  Location: 45 Coventry Rd Brampton, ON L6T 4V7

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