Training at Formatour. iso 18295-12017 customer contact centers part 1

iso 18295-12017 customer contact centers part 1

iso 18295-12017 customer contact centers part 1 is the international standard that specifies service requirements for all customer contact centres (CCC). The body aims to ensure that the customer contact centre of every organization continuously satisfies customer/client expectations when they reach out to the organization. This will be achieved if the CCC administers its services in compliance with the appropriate management guidelines and systematic approach laid out for them in the ISO 18295-1:2017.

Notably, the ISO 18295-1 Customer Contact Centers — Part 1 also serves as a benchmark to measure CCCs performance metrics whenever needed. 

What Kinds of Customer Contact Centers are Bound by the ISO 18295-1:2017?

The 16-page standard was created and published in July 2017 and applies to both in-house and outsourced customer contact centres. No matter the size of the CCC, regardless of which local or international sector it falls under, it must abide by the ISO 18295-1:2017 to ensure it meets customer expectations while trying to assist them. 

The Relevance of ISO 18295-1:2017 CCC — Part 1

We all know how important a customer service centre or customer support is to an organization. From making queries about the company’s products/services to laying complaints, they are who we call whenever we have issues. How they respond — in terms of waiting time, language, communication, mannerism, etc. — goes a long way to determine whether we continue doing business with them or criticize them to other potential customers. 

A customer contact centre can potentially attract or push away clients. 

Therefore, ISO 18295-1, Customer Contact Centres — Part 1: Requirements for Customer Contact Centres lays out best practices for CCC to ensure a high level of service to customers, including how they communicate and handle their issues. 

The benefit of adhering to ISO 18295-1 Requirements for Customer Contact Centres is that your company will not only meet clients’ expectations but will draw them closer to you through quality communication, making them loyal ambassadors of your brand.

How to Obtain ISO 18295-1 Certification

ISO 18295-1 Customer Contact Centre certification is a must-have for companies who wish to assist their customers to the best of their capacities. At Formatour Incorporated, we can help you prepare and position your organization to be ISO 18295-1 certification-worthy. We achieve that through:

·       Training

Formatour Incorporated offers your customer service agents an opportunity to be  trained by the best professionals. Our team of Customer Care Centre experts will engage yours to prepare them and ensure they meet all guidelines and best practices required by ISO 18295-1. Most importantly, we offer flexible options to your training needs, whether online and on-site.

·       Consulting

We are ready to find answers and proffer solutions to any querries you may have concerning ISO 18295-1 certification. Whatever your challenges, wherever you are in your journey to becoming  ISO 18295-1 certified, we work with you to ensure you’re well-positioned for it.

To ensure you keep adhering to the requirements and continuously improve on your services, we may also keep in touch and assess you annually as you so desire. 

 Formatour Incorporated is Here to Help

The ISO 18295-1 certification and the requirements may seem complicated. It’s our pride at Formatour to make the process as easy and hitch-free as possible while offering you the best benefits. 

Contact us today for queries on ISO 18295-1 Customer Contact Centers certification.

iso 18295-12017 customer contact centers part 1

Training at Formatour. iso 18295-12017 customer contact centers part 1
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