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About FormaTour Incorporated, Frequently Asked QuestionsWe designed our intensive programs for those preparing for certification examinations such as ITIL ® or ISO. As a result, graduates of our programs significantly enhance their ability to pass certification exams. With the intention to persevere, we systematically review every major section that is tested on your exam. By doing so, we will ensure full preparation.  In addition, we have programs for professionals looking to upgrade their skills, such as our renowned executive programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Formatour Incorporated courses are all intensive programs that generally lead to an examination such as ITIL® or ISO. Consequently, the completion of a specific course or program of study will significantly enhance your chance of passing your desired certification examination. For this reason, we systematically review every major section tested on your exam. Also, we review and discuss practical aspects and methodologies so that we tackle each one of them. Likewise, our courses can be for general knowledge such as our leadership program. 
Our executive programs are designed for CEOs as well as senior leaders from overseas. In fact, we organize high-level international seminars throughout the year, here in Canada. As a result, those leaders from across the world are able to discover North American leadership techniques. Accordingly, those leaders from around the world have the opportunity to meet their peers and establish business contacts.

Of course! One of the main goals of our Executive Programs is indeed network building. Thus, you will have the opportunity to network with other executives from around the world. That is a chance to build valuable business relations on a global scale.

FormaTour Incorporated provides the most up-to-date training materials that are needed to succeed so that you assure confidence in your daily life. Moreover, we are an accredited partner of PECB Canada, as well as Ahead Technology Inc., from which our ISO and ITIL® training materials derive. Additionally, FormaTour Incorporated is an ITIL® licensed affiliate by PEOPLECERT. Most importantly, as a major provider of training, examination and consulting services, our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, and international recognition. In fact, we have the best training materials in the industry.

FormaTour Incorporated employs a select group of highly qualified professional experts in an array of fields. Undoubtedly, our trainers are technically proficient people that have relevant sector experience and hold professional credentials. Most importantly, our trainers are continually improving their knowledge in order to ensure continuous satisfaction of our clients.

Generally, we hold our courses at different locations across Canada. While some classes are online, some are live online, and upon request, others are at the clients’ own facilities. To be sure, please check the course schedule for more details.

We deliver our online courses via the PECB App KATE. KATE is a free application that allows you to access the courses assigned to you. It requires you to log in with your credentials. Unlike live online courses, KATE is Windows and MAC OS X compatible. Above all, this option is available for most of our ISO training courses.

In contrast, the live online course is a distance learning course, available for our ITIL® courses and some of our other courses such as ISO courses. Regardless of their location, students connect to the Learning Management System (LMS) at a designated time and can directly interact with the instructor. Similarly, we use Zoom video conferencing system for some of our Live online courses.

Please note: A minimum of three weeks is required to set up the LMS and provide you with your access credentials. Currently, our LMS is Windows based only. However, we are working on the Mac platform, which will be released soon. Nevertheless, the Zoom video conferencing system remains a great alternative in all circumstances.

We offer different ways to pay for our courses and services, such as:

  • Online via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, wire transfer or email transfer)
  • Certified cheque or money order payable to FormaTour Incorporated (mailed to our head office)

All of FormaTour Incorporated courses must reach a minimum enrolment number in order to proceed. Generally, our guarantee-to-run is four. Therefore, we will reschedule the courses that do not reach the minimum enrolment number by at least two weeks before the start of the course to a later date. In case of rescheduling for any reason, you have the option to either receive a 100% refund of your course fee or transfer the fee to a later FormaTour Incorporated course date. Conversely, courses that run as scheduled and other FormaTour services are non-refundable.

Indeed! We offer a discount code for all students who pre-register early for any ISO or ITIL® course package. Please find it on our “Promo Code Special” page. Please note: All promo code offers are subject to change without notice and are not valid for any courses that have already begun.

We offer various ISO training programs recognized by certifications entities, such as:

  • Quality Auditor (QA) training,
  • IT auditor training,
  • ISO 17025 Lead Assessor courses,
  • ISO 22301 lead implementer,
  • ISO 45001 lead auditor, internal auditor training,
  • ISO 27001 lead auditor course,
  • ISO 9001 lead auditor training course;
  • ISO 37001 lead implementer, ISO lead auditor training,
  • ISO 14001,
  • ISO 13485 auditor,
  • ISO 22000 training course,
  • ISO 50001 lead auditor course;
  • ISO 16949 training course;

Please inquire about any of the above course not currently listed in our course schedule.

Most of our courses follow the structure below:

Introduction course (1 day) –  no certification required

Foundation courses (2 days ) – with certification exam

Lead Implementer course (5 days) –  with certification exam

Lead auditor course (5 days) – with certification exam

Certainly! We help companies in the implementation process of any standard of their choice.  Our certified experts can surely help you implement the standard relevant to your business. That being said, please contact us today for a free Gap analysis.

Our intensive programs are for those preparing for certification examinations (e.g., ITIL ® or ISO). Indeed, graduates of our program significantly enhance their ability to pass certification exams. For this reason, we systematically review every major section tested on the exam. That is to ensure full preparation.  Besides, we have programs for professionals looking to upgrade their skills, such as our renowned executive program.

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