Interested parties: Who are they and what could be their expectations ?

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Interested parties: Who are they and what could be their expectations in a management system according to ISO Standards? Most ISO standards refer to an interested party. And managers are explicitly asked to identify the interested parties and their needs and to address those needs accordingly when setting up a management system. For example, the ISO [...]

We are hiring: Business Development Lead

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We are a leading Canadian consulting agency and ISO implementation company that provides training for IT, executive leadership and, management systems. We have helped thousands of individuals and companies achieve the professional certification and recognition they need for success in their career and business growth. We provide certified training and, implementation services in ISO 9001 ISO [...]

Our Leadership Programs

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In today’s digital world, it doesn’t really matter what your position in a company or business is. It’s no more enough to get the job done but, any Leader has to get other ‘’to want to do’’. Our Leadership programs are designed to allow you to know how to lead effectively, and how to become or improve your influence in Business and life.

We are hiring – Independent Sales Representatives

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Formatour Incorporated specializes in training, personnel and system certification. We offer comprehensive training courses for Corporates and individuals seeking certification in their field of activity. Based on international standards and frameworks such as ISO, ITIL, DevOp, etc. we make it possible for our clients to get Certified upon completion of our courses. Formatour Incorporated is headquartered [...]


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COMPANY OVERVIEW Formatour Incorporated is a knowledge-based firm specializing, in three areas of activities: training, personnel and system certification and consultancy. With several partners and associates, Formatour Incorporated provides its services in the following areas: Corporate training in Leadership, Certification programs in IT as well as ISO standards, and Consultancy. The company is also accredited by [...]

Formatour Incorporated signs a partnership agreement with Deryel International

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(,2017) – Formatour is honored to announce that it has signed a  partnership agreement with Deryel International, to organize training sessions in Africa and Canada. This partnership will ensure that the respective companies will give their contribution based on their expertise in offering and organizing, Leadership, ISO, and ITIL courses. ''Formatour is known as a hub of [...]